Sunday, September 13, 2009

Licking The Beatles :

Oh, Martha, my dear:

It wasn't Norwegian wood you stroked
Into erection;

Oh, no, it was the finger flick

I loved,
As we found ourselves coming together...Come
Together, baby.

Apple brought us the tunes,
And, we listened to the re-mastered ones
As we delved into our Co-Ed-masturbatory
Stasis, Ahhh, the naked body
Of you, gleaming in Summer sweat,
You Bet!


Never will I say to you, you've got to hide your love away,
Because, when I'm sixty-four,
We'll still be doin'
Sixty-Nine, Honey-pie.

[I'm so into the Revolution of our Love,
Love, Love.]


So, Let it be,
as I cram myself into your swollen
cunt, no longer a nowhere man.

It's always a hard days night, so hard, honey,
So hard, an' good,
an' getting ready to burst, for the benefit of Mister Kite...

..Your ass is lifted upon a trampoline...

Our show tonight

has commenced!


Billy Shears, says hi!


When we make love
It's like licking the Beatles!


`x~Abe's Heart.


Antonella said...

Bellissimo il tuo blog.. bellissimo

Abe's Heart said...

Antonella~~You are beautiful, as well. Thank you, for your kind comment.


Library Vixen said...

very lovely wood.

Sex Letters said...

Love the line 'no longer a nowhere man' in it's context.

Nice to meet you, and share the sugasm with you this week :)

Miss Honey said...

Loved this piece... just wonderful.

Abe's Heart said...

Sex Letters~~Welcome & enjoy. Thanks for the kind words.

Miss Honey~~This was a fun one..dashed it off in minutes..thanks!


Jotwice said...

I tell you Aquarius WOW

Abe's Heart said...

Jotwice~~Thanks. I'm a Beatles fan too!