Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Our presence in the world, with love.

Your body has become inspiration enough,
like gathering together a private map
of my world,

transfixed in a moment,

coming and going; arriving and departing,
at times,
when I see you, in dream.

How do you do it,
keeping yourself present while absent?

The very air you breathe,
when we're breathing together,
pulls me closer, inward and outward
it goes;

and, we lie, spread out,
in discovery;
in intimate knowledge
of our faithfulness
in the known 
contours we share.

~x~Abe's Heart [note: this poem has been published at "Vice and Verses" also.~copyright:11/10/2009]


Anonymous said...

Lying spread out in discovery, that's so romantic!

Fanatico said...

gracias por pasar esta listo el traductor .un beso

mysterious said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mysterious said...

This is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

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