Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Seeing Double

without nothing on, last night; and, every single minute was choreographed, brought into focus, as if I were Guido [sic], in "Nine." 
How did they do it, you may ask?

Both bodies, shone,
like stars; sweated, in passionate embraces..lingering long, as always.

I savored them, 
as if they were a delectable, delicate,

Yes.....Two, for the price of one. Satisfaction, guaranteed.

The best things in life,
they say,

are free.



Anonymous said...

I get a back ache in that position too long.

Indigo said...

Think I might have to take up yoga!

Steve E said...

My first bhkxdas (I meant "visit") to your blog. Said to myself, If Secretia likes it it's OK for me, too"...however, WOW!

Your posts are almost, well, sexy, sensual...almost--grin! Actually, quite beautiful, both the graphics and the words. Thank you.

PS (Whispering) always wondered where "Secret-girl) hung out...)

Abe's Heart said...

Secretia~~Oh! Now you're spilling "your" secrets...(spank*)

Indigo~~ I'm going to form a Yoga Cult..wanna join??

Steve E~~Thanks, for reading...Yes,
Secretia has wonderful taste (wink*)

Anonymous said...

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